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Jessica Franco is so moved by movement! She has dedicated a lifetime of passion, raw talent, and hard work to every project in which she's involved. She loves bringing a Creative Director or Choreographer's vision to life both as a Performer and as an Assistant. You'll find her at her happiest when she is in the studio creating, teaching a master class, on stage performing, traveling the world, or playing with a Corgi at the beach. Jessica works on a project basis and is beyond excited to explore movement with you. Check out more videos and photos of performances and assisting work on the tabs above. Reach out below to say hi, ask questions, and schedule workshops, master classes, choreography, and performance opportunities. 

Jessica is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach. She loves being able to help people feel strong, empowered, and confident in their skin! 

During the pandemic, Jessica and Kara Pendlebury co-founded The Balanced Being; A Dancers Workshop. The workshop focuses on providing dancers with more than just master dance classes. There's a strong emphasis on educational seminars such as Performance Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, Social Media Special, and educational tools from a Life Coach to help dancers navigate their career, well being, and thriving artistry in this digital age. 


The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart

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Jessica Franco

Jessica Franco is always on the lookout for new projects, collaborations, performing and teaching opportunities around the world. Reach out, and say hi! Let's share some moves.

Los Angeles, CA

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