• Jessi Franks

A Little Big of Heaven in the Clouds

We had a thunderstorm in LA today! There is nothing I love more than Mother Nature's glorious thunderstorms! What a gift.

Thunderstorms are something special I share with my Dad. On the East Coast, summer thunderstorms are frequent and stunning. No matter what we are doing, my Dad and I drop everything and relocate to the front porch when a storm begins. We'll sit under the protection of the front porch, watch the lightening, listen to the low rumbles or house shaking booms of thunder, and just breathe. The gentle patter or torrential downpour of rain soothes our souls. The smell of rain is deeply satisfying and calming!

Today's thunderstorm in LA is a beautiful rarity! I walked out the front door without thought at the sound of gentle rumble, and I sat on the driveway under the gentle drizzle watching the lightening and feeling the thunder vibrate. I imagined my Dad was sitting with me savoring the moment. (I did send him a text message to let him know he was with me in spirit).

Savored this little slice of heaven today!

Although admittedly, for about 20 minutes before the storm, these birds were circling above our house and into the neighbors tree making a ruckus. It was very disturbing, almost straight out of an old movie. It was enough to freak me out, until the gentle rumble arrived and the birds flew on!

Thank you Mother Nature for keeping it flowing and bringing your joy and natural beauty!

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