• Jessi Franks

(Arbitrary) To Do List

I’ve made myself an arbitrary To Do List to maintain a schedule and stay “productive” during quarantine. And in true me fashion- I’m overwhelmed to accomplish all of my things!

Here are a few of the top contenders on the list of things I’ve set out to do daily/weekly

*Meditate daily (I’m not succeeding here)

*Exercise daily (I’m killing it)

*Work toward goal on Nike Run Club (I’m consistent)

*Read manual for recently purchased acupuncture Cupping set, so I can begin to practice (Cupping set arrived in the mail 5/10- have not begun to read the beginners guide to Cupping)

*Write daily (nailing it)

*Take three dance classes on CLI platform (not crushing this)

*Read my book on Kindle (slow progress on this pup- only reading like twice a week)

*Do yoga exercises before bed to help sleep (not winning here)

*Family Zoom once a week (crushing it)

*Take Ballet at least once a week (winning)

*Take Yoga at least once a week (not even remotely close to nailing this)

Some wins and some failures. These goals don’t have high stake outcomes and matter to no one but me, yet I am overwhelmed and exhausted from not “achieving” my goals perfectly.

Because there is no "off season" for dancers, this mentality to Do/Achieve/Progress at every moment was one that existed for me for years. This thought pattern has become so loud here in quarantine. I have no other obligations or distractions to turn a blind eye. I realize I'm doing the most to control my outcome to this experience.

I recognize that these goals are set in hopes to make the most of this time. I would never judge a friend for not executing this list to an A+ status every day or week, which has helped me recognize that I can be kinder and more compassionate to myself.

I’m doing enough. I’m doing my best. It’s ok to rest.

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