• Jessi Franks

From love; To Infinity and Beyond

Yesterday, I did a run called “A New Run” in the Nike Run Club app. Coach Bennett is the best and coached with words of wisdom! He said towards the end, “What comes next has never come before”. He used to teach History to Freshman high school students, and he was reminding them that history doesn’t actually repeat itself. Pattern may be the same as before, but we have built upon the history that came before us, and the pattern is similar but not exactly the same to refer to it as a direct repeat.

Similarly, habits and consistencies may remain the same in our lives, yet we are slightly different every time we complete these actions. Even if I run for 25 minutes four days a week, each run is vastly different. I feel different each day; I can change the route; I can change the terrain on which I’m running; I can change the speed at which I run; I can add short intervals, long intervals, go for one consistent pace; I can go at a different time of day; I can go in different weather, etc. Patterns may repeat themselves, but we are different every time we arrive.

I’m recognizing patterns that exist for me in life in the form of lessons. I’ve read in many places, that you will continue to experience the same life lesson until you integrate and learn the lesson you are meant to take away to serve your life. I’m really acknowledging the pattern that is reappearing in my life at the moment. I’ve certainly been here before.

I also recognize that I’ve risen out of this pattern before. I don’t have to stay stuck here. I know I’ve overcome it in the past, and I will rise again. I’m embracing how I got here and what I’m meant to learn from this moment.

I’m recognizing I want to move with love, from a place of feeling worthy, and from a place feeling able to trust myself, my capabilities, and my path. Moving from a place of fear, often leaves me paralyzed, hiding, isolating, punishing, shaming, withdrawing.

I want to step into love.

Love for myself, love for my journey, love for where I’ve been, love for what I’ve

overcome, love for the people who’ve guided and inspired my path.

From love, I move- forward and out, beyond myself, and into the world, to see the bigger picture, to see how I can share and exchange with others, to see how we all connect to each other, to our space, and to the universe. From love, I am bigger than me. I am, we!

From love, To infinity and beyond!

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