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To Be Magnetic

Wowza! I just had a revelation. I was recently referred to a podcast called EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips. It’s focused on aiding manifestation and healing subconscious trauma through a company called To Be Magnetic. After listening to one episode (ep. 167), I was intrigued enough to pop on the website to look further into this process.

A pop up arrived prompting me to sign up for a free Clarity Exercise. I said, “sure, why not”. So… I signed up. I just completed the exercise and was deeply and powerfully moved!!! Beautiful tears. Deep revelations. The whole bit. Wowza!

After a few prompts and a few pages of journaling about fears, I discovered some deep subconscious “truths” for me…I had subconsciously learned, “Be invisible to be safe. Camouflage. Disappear. Be quiet”. It’s crazy to recognize that the depth of these “truths” are manifesting in my life at the moment. I see myself trying to hide in my daily life.

After these realizations came to the surface, the exercise moved me through a 20 minute meditation. Without going into every detail, it then asked me to see myself one year from now, ten years from now, and at my oldest. At one point, my 90+ year old self dropped some gems…she said “Share yourself. Don’t be limited by a narrow focus seeing only your current body as your entire self worth and value. Remember that your value is your creativity, your humanity, and your desire to connect, collaborate, and play. Share yourself. Stop hiding. Collaborate. Play. LIVE!”

Needless to say, I was sobbing. I healed some deep inner shit with the prompts that then continued in the meditation. I am changed from moment! Please, universe, allow me to remember and cherish that moment of healing and clarity for the rest of my life, even when I’m being tested.

Oddly, my oldest sister gave me a picture that says “Her life changed the moment she let it”. I finally hung that picture three days ago and have been looking at it every time I step into the shower. Maybe, I’m ready to let my life change!

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